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VMware has responded to Android security flaws notified a week back.
With changing threat landscape, hackers are targeting now majorly mobile applications.

VMware in this week start have issued a security advisory regarding its Airwatch agent and Inbox apps for its Google Android version.

This vulnerability was majorly affecting rooted devices, which allowed them to bypass detection. It is the app (Agent) which is used for enrolling devices in Airwatch. Its main function was to detect rooted devices and then prevent them from having unrestricted access to data.

VMware notified its customers that “they have resolved as soon as they became aware of this”. Currently, they are not sure from how long this vulnerability existed.

Threats for users:
As per VMware spokesmen, this can be very dangerous as it can lead to denial-of-service attack.

In order to stay safe, VMware have told its user to keep their Agent apps version updated to version 7.0