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Traditional gatherings of local citizens in city and enjoying hookah pipes smoking is elemental part of Lebanese culture but today in Beirut, a Lebanon’s capital the past times are being giving new face of technology based advancement.

It is an emerging reality that even the nature of common hookah pipe has given a smart and advance look as traditionally an ideal flavor is put in the bowl at some particular temperature but the upgraded form called Nara started first time internet operated hookah pipes.

Compact fast lighting spheres of charcoal contained by a battery and internet associated sensors which measure the air flow, dankness and heat, all basic elements for a smoke.
More than 500 million people enjoy this one of the several innovations of Beirut.

Mark Haider a US based entrepreneur is now has prominent position in the world.
But he started his career as less fortune and he had to leave his homeland after the beginning of 2006 war and he managed to get the US and that was the time when he had nothing in its pocket except some dollars but his enthusiasm and struggle has taken him to the peak of success and he made money in the US and playing his role in serving his home country, Lebanon.

At the age of 17 Mark started his first technology company in Lebanon and he is the builder of first fully organized web-based university system in Lebanon and developed locally the first 3D game engine in the Middle East.
Mark also established LISA (Levant International Startup Association) and the aim of this organization is to facilitate startups in the Middle East launch and to level their companies in international markets.

Discourage smoking:
Considering his impression in Beirut being a part of Lebanon’s diaspora, many other companies are working to play their role and smoking seems to be main theme.

Samer El gharib invented slighter, which helps the smokers to give up smoking. The lighter notes the smoking habits of user during the first week they use the device and gives them alerts of times they are allowed to smoke, which is one of the several steps to give up smoking completely.

Recently co founder of apple Steve Wosniak visited the city and attended BDL (Banque Du Liban) accelerate conference as leading speaker in November which is one of the known technology conferences in the world.
Symbolic growth in “youth bulge” has been witnessed by Lebanese technology sector between 2009 and 2014.

Talented and skilled youngsters have now been able setup companies in their own country instead of moving some other country to utilize his or her skills like so many others.

A constructive initiative between the central bank of Lebanon and the UK government as the development of new accelerators and incubators like the UK Lebanon technology hub is creating jobs, revenues and speculations for start-ups.

You don’t need to cut your roots but to find the ways of enhancing the way of living as you see the growth of Beirut whether relating to a simple cultural tool Hookah pipe.