Venezuela Flag

A Hacktivist named “Kapustkiy” hacked official website of Military of Venezuela and paste the data on

The hacker targeted official website ( and the Twitter account linked to this website (@GNBesguarnaccli). Hacker had published personal information which includes full name, email id, ethnicity, military unit etc. As per, it includes 2189 entries.

Kaptustkiy have mentioned in his blog, “In protest against Nicolas Maduro(65th President of Venezuela since 2013) .” In his post he further wrote, “WE ARE NEW WORLD HACKERS. EXPECT US: GREETINGS TO: ownz – cyric – shadow – prophet – sadfurry – gustavo”

Currently, Venezuela is under crisis and there is turmoil. As in Oct, 2016 BBC ( in its reports said: “Venezuela’s inflation rate, which already is the world’s highest, is expected to rise to a staggering 1,660% next year, the International Monetary Fund predicts.”