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In a Business Email compromise (BEC) attacks, not only businesses but schools, tribal organizations and nonprofits are affected by scams. Nearly 29,0000 affected.

The Internal Revenue Service issued a new warning to employers, requested them to stay alerted. As there are reports of w-2 records compromised. This is a major case of identity theft and fraud. The spectrum of this attack is not only organization but also schools, non-profit and tribal organizations.

John Koskinen, IRS commissioner, said Business Email compromise (BEC) attacks – are the most dangerous attacks based on social engineering which agency has been seeing from a long time.

The number of organization counts is more than 145 in 2016, which fell victim to BEC scams. kept the record of massive successful attacks. These BEC attacks has exposed number of employees to identity theft attacks.

What BEC is ?

BEC isn’t a tech problem. It is because of a human being human. As humans are the weakest link in any organization so in these attacks rather than attacking machines hackers attack humans directly with social engineering techniques.

How to prevent such attacks?

Security awareness workshops are most effective. They should be arranged twice a year at least with case studies of regional incidents.

When was the last time you have arrange security awareness workshop? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments.