HP, a multinational information technology (IT) company related to the selling of software, hardware and other relevant business services announces the price hike across categories in the India market place and the list of increased prices of products will be valid on to the new arrivals once the existing stock is sold out, a leading company executive made it clear to IANS (Indo-Asian News Service), a private Indian news organization founded by Gopal Raju , an Indian American publisher.

Rajiv Shrivastava , Managing Director of HP inc. India informed IANS that the company is increasing the price of its products in India. Considering the standard business performance, the company on a regular basis reviews pricing and manage to make adjustments according to them, relying on different factors including currency movement and commodities prices.

HP Inc manages 28.8 percent of the overall share of Indian Market in PC.
International Data Corporation (IDC) recently reported that HP grew up to 18.9 percent quarter on quarter over Q2 2016.

Ketan Patel, senior Director, Personal Systems, HP India shared his views to IANS regarding their marketplace stability that it is their untiring commitment towards delivering remarkable products and solutions to business and consumers that authorize them to succeed in this digital age has made them maintain the market leadership.

Recently HP Inc announced that they are going to setup the world’s first workstation named Z2 in India which is intended for users in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and other compute-intensive industries and Z2 are available for the users from January 25 onwards at the starting price of Rs 72000 in the country.

“The speed in which we create, and the complexity of projects have become more intense over the years, but computers like HP workstations are helping quickly bring the visions of designers to life”, Daniel Libeskind, founder and principle architech, studio Libsekind.
HP has been showing excellence in designing PC with innovative desktops like a Cylindrical Desktop, Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice and the invention of Z2 mini workstation is no doubt a remarkable progress in this modern world.