Google MAP

After setting a remarkable position in the world as a search engine, google seems quite busy in facilitating it’s users with amazingly featured application GOOGLE MAP .Google introduced google maps on February 2005. Users find these maps very useful due to its useful and time saving features. Along with the features which have been already introduced to the users by google, google is soon introducing another amazing, time saving and useful feature which will provide you a guide line about your parking at estimated distance from your destination. There we discuss about this new coming feature and some of the commonly used features of google maps:

This new feature of google maps is included in the latest beta version of google maps v9.44.0 and is first reported by Android police which is website based on featuring news, applications, tips, devices, hacks and reviews regarding Android platforms.

As you set your destination, there will appear a parking availability status along with the estimated driving time represented as “P” symbol. This feature will facilitate you in the way that it can give estimate about parking at your destination in three levels: “easy”,” medium” and limited for areas where you can’t find an easy option for parking. The icon containing letter “P” appears blue next to the estimated time of arrival if the parking availability near your destination is “easy” or “medium” and if the availability is limited the icon will turn red. You can follow the turn by turn directions while driving to get more details about your destination’s parking situation.

This feature of google maps serves you as a time saver as it provides you the guide line about the availability of parking to your destination at your estimated driving time and in this way it provides you a comfort as we all are aware of the busy traffic conditions and blockage of vehicles on public places as shopping malls, parks, cinemas in the search of parking.
This feature currently gives an idea about parking situation for public places like shopping malls and airports according to the android police. It is not sure yet, how many users have access to this feature but if you are using the v9.44 beta and unable to access this feature yet, give it some time.
So after having an informative discussion on the latest upcoming feature of google maps, let’s have some other commonly used features of google maps to be discussed:

You can get directions to select your route to reach your destination as it provides you an over view of places around the world. In this way you find an easy way to reach your place in time .Through the map you can easily get driving, walking, biking and public transportation directions for major cities and locations. It also comfort you in the way if want to find some place of your interest as shopping mall, restaurant; etc you can have the better options by entering your present address in the application.

You can show your location by using a maps feature called the “Latitude”. This feature enables you to share your location with your friends or any concerned person you want to join you. Your location can be updated manually or automatically by this feature. You may use this option on your smart phones and standard computers.

When you are at some place, you don’t know the exact location then you can easily search for it by using google maps as they provide you the name and direction of the place properly to some extent. It approximately tells you your location even if you don’t have GPS .You should have a phone with a data plan to access google maps for your mobile.

Google provides you another amazing feature through which you don’t to type but you can use voice commands to go for your search by hitting the microphone button on the google search apparatus.
Getting an exact result of your search by voice command depends on how google is well trained of your voice and how unusual the name of your location is. So if you don’t get the true result you might have to go for typing.

The maps provide you an over view of traffic conditions so this feature facilitates you in the way as by considering the traffic conditions of any particular place you can search for a better route to reach your destination on time without facing the hurdles of traffic jam.

If you find your house or any related place spotted wrong on the map then it provides you an option to edit your location but you can’t alter every location on the map and also it is not possible to move things too far from the actual location. If you do any edits, your profile name will be displayed to avoid any kind of abuse.

This is really an interesting thing to know that google maps provide you an opportunity that you can make your own map without the requirement of programming expertise. You can shapes, flags and other things, and publish it publicly or share it only with friend circle. Creating the map of your party location you can easily make your guests know the right party shelter.
There we discussed that google maps are soon going to introduce the feature to its users which will provide you the availability of parking at estimated time from your destination so that you can save your time by considering the availability of parking before reaching your destination.

Considering this upcoming informative feature and all other commonly used features of google maps we can visualize that the application google maps is providing useful and informative options to its users and is looking busy to continue its vision of advancing different facts and serving people.