Google, Facebook, Apple vs Donald Trump ban

Tech giant companies in US such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft have filed an opposition to trumps ban in Washington state court opposing Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. A total of 97 firms have joined the battle against Muslim ban, most of them are claiming that there operations are heavily affected by this ban.

These Tech giants claim that it will “inflicts significant harm on American business, innovation, and growth,” It will disrupt their operations. Hiring and joining of best breed won’t be an easy task for them.

Other than the established tech giants new companies which have recently open their head office in US have also joined this battle. Amazingly Tesla is not in the list and have already started working on how to tweak orders of president in coordination with Twitter.

Several courts across the united states has put a temporary halt on the executive orders. Bob Ferguson who is the state’s attorney general has led a strong campaign against the order, by calling it “Unlawful and constitutional”.