In today’s world we find it very easy to share any news, perceptions and views with each other as social media is getting advanced day by day and now there are thousands of applications are available through which one can connect to other person quite easily even when they are at very large distance to each other. Indeed through the advanced researches and development of social applications has provided you the easier way to stay connected and informed but due to the expansion of fake news and illegal material these application are becoming the reason of decreasing good moral values day by day.
Regarding this issue face book, one of the known and commonly used applications is highly criticized due the spreading of fake news through the app and this is why face book is now considering this fact more deeply and searching for ways to crackdown on fake news.
Face book CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his view that face book is particularly focusing on how they can make users able to report and flag a story if they find anything suspicious in it and also the company wants to upgrade the software to detect the false stories and by doing this they can then flag those false stories. Although the users will be able to view and share the flagged stories but they will get a warning that they have disputed by sharing them to their news feed.

As per Mark zuckerberg perception he does not want to discourage the right of sharing opinions but it is the need of time to plan some solutions to stop the spreading of false news.

Zuckerberg shared his views after receiving the allegations that fake news stories influenced the outcome of US election 2016 in the way that it causes the victory of Donald Trump. He made it clear that although the fake news circle the application but the ratio is comparatively small and shared that face book is taking a note on it but he find it quite unlikely that hoaxes changed the outcome of US election 2016 and rejected the arguments regarding US election 2016.

According to Mark Zuckerberg we should make people to raise their voice but we also need to play our role to stop the expansion of violence, hate and misinformation.

In one of his statement regarding the bottom line of how face book is planning to stop the spread of false stories he is of the view that he wants people to be connected to the stories which they find meaningful and that people search for accurate information. He made it clear that they have been continuously working on this issue for long time and they take it quite responsibly. According to him they have done a lot to achieve their goal but there is more to be done.

In the opinion of some users it’s little late in taking an stand against the spreading of false stories on face book and some of them are not satisfied yet and expect more to be considered about the issue.