Having a plan to buy an electrical vehicle, what are the facts come in your mind? You might look for a genuine quality, latest style but the most considering fact is relating to price and getting an electrical vehicle with an advanced quality and average price would surely comfort you.

Mckinsey and Company, a worldwide running consulting firm that serves different leading businesses, governments and organizations as making them improve their performance has recently reported that the advances made in battery technology have helped in decreasing the average battery pack price from about $ 1,000/KWh to approximately $ 227/KWh.

This is not it here, Mckinsey shared that the prices will continue to go down and they potentially bringing prices of Electric vehicles (EVs) close to the cost of other cars and that procedure is in motion to an extent which is observable with the likes of the Chevy Bolt an upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Although the prices of battery pack are getting cheaper due to advancements of battery technology and it would be one of potential EV buyer’s biggest concerns but even then EV sales are still not very high and many roadblocks remain in front. The driving ranges on many of the EVs still are not as wide as they should be. Being not aware of the usage of most of EVs this is obviously hard to take the advantage of the advancements in battery technology and decreasing price of battery pack so considering this fact we really need to be get informed about the usage of EVs advancing day by day and by doing this we can avail the advantages of the advances in battery technology.

Mckinsey observes it by self that only around half of the customers in the US and Germany actually understand how EVs work and still the EVs charging stations are less out in the world. As the things are getting advanced day by day we really need to model our mind set according to this modern world by keeping in touch with the advances and knowing their usage and effects and if finding anything or any advancement more useful and affordable then it would be a better idea to comfort your life by adopting it.