Hack Harrasement image credit:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

In a series of public service announcement(PSA) videos, PSA released its first video today. PSA have started raising awareness against hack harasment. They have featured artist Kesha, who have shared first hand experience and requested viewers to stand against this manice in our society.

Watch the Hack Harassment PSA here, which highlights real life examples.

Kesha said, “I am honored to participate in Hack Harassment’s PSA campaign, This issue is near and dear to my heart. No one, regardless of their identity, background or beliefs, should be subjected to harassment online. I look forward to working with Hack Harassment and its partners to help raise awareness of this important issue in order to bring about more inclusive and safer online communities.”

Online harrasment is increasing day by day even in Pakistan. Our youth have experience online harrasment at very young age. Pakistan have recently passed cyber security bill which will help to overcome this issue.

NR3C is Pakistan government organization where online community of Pakistan can report such incident. However there is a dire need that awareness campaigns should be run in every university and college.

Hack Harassment is a coalition of organizations and individuals who share in the common goal of building a more inclusive and supportive online community. Hack Harassment does not guarantee the world will be free from online harassment, but together, we hope to bring us all closer to that goal.

Hack Harassment is founded by Intel, Vox Media and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.